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Finish floor Elevator cabin

In the finish of the floor of the Elevator car manufacturers use:

  • different types of linoleum (mainly persistent commercial)
  • tile (ceramic, porcelain)
  • natural stone
  • niche for laying private floor covering

In the latter case, all kinds of natural stone and artificial turf, and wood, carpet and carpet inlays and monograms. It is logical for the Elevator to continue in it design floor main (main) floor of the house, or Vice versa, to play on the contrast or emphasis (especially if the design of the Elevator is the result of a painstaking selection and careful execution).

Finish metal Elevator shafts

Metal (factory) the Elevator shaft can be made of steel or aluminium profile. When you do this:

Aluminium Elevator shaft has a natural color brushed aluminum

Steel Elevator shaft has a different finish:

  • base finish steel mine – resistant powder paint, neutral colors. Optionally, you can order any more suitable for the interior color of the mine (table RAL) or decorate it yourself. One of the most beautiful individual finishes mine cottage Elevator – trim leather. Possible cladding steel frame Elevator shafts stainless steel
  • Steel Elevator shaft can be decorated in the same style as the Elevator doors, and can be contrasted with them, depending on the preferences of the owner.

Price of cottage Elevator

In this article, we will touch on such an important factor in the selection of the Elevator as the price. Sometimes the price of the lift is made by the owner as the only “intuitive” the selection criteria for the Elevator. As you probably understood from the previous articles, this is due to ignorance of other aspects. Of course, price is important, but this is only one of the other factors in the choice of lift, not always decisive. For example, you have limited your budget for the purchase of passenger lifts and consider only the standard model. If you have limited space to install a lift or Elevator shaft has flaws, you may not fit within your budget and stay without lift.

approximate price of cottage Elevator to two stops in the basic configuration

the price of equipment – from 20 thousand Euro

the price of installation of the lift of 3 thousand Euro

price factory metal Elevator shaft from 2.5 thousand euros.

Can the budget be considered available? Commensurate with the value of the property – Yes. That is why the sale of the cottage elevators in Europe thousands of units per year and have a positive trend even in the period of stagnation of the markets.

Further dynamics of the price of your lift depends on the area shown in this article factors. The limitation may only serve common sense and calculation: investment in lifting equipment should be proportional and should correspond to the value of the property. Exceeding a reasonable proportion can result in a risk of non-repayment of investments in the Elevator when reselling.

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