Tips To Design Elevator Buttons

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1.1 elevator buttons overall morphology 

In fact, this is the problem that I did not expect at all. In our daily life, the common elevators are basically a regular horizontal and vertical alignment layout. The reason why the alignment layout becomes our routine is probably a little bit of a modern architectural structure: a building, each floor is neatly arranged with several neighbors, and then the upper layer continues to follow this arrangement. Layer code. The building where the child draws a simple stroke is also to draw the outermost large frame, and then try to regulate the small squares that are aligned. This neat arrangement is our deep-rooted perception of the concept of “lou”.

elevator button

The various unconventional elevator buttons shown in the above figure are very unsuccessful if applied in everyday situations. The elevator in daily life is designed to help people save time. It is characterized by large traffic, high frequency of use and efficiency. The use of unconventional styling elevator buttons makes it necessary to perceive or memorize this operational model every time, only to make the rider more annoyed. But if it is used in casual entertainment, stealing is very suitable: non-daily occasions, leisurely mood and plenty of time, let people have the interest to study interesting things. If I have the privilege of meeting, I will be very happy to take out my mobile phone to take a photo 

1.2 elevator buttons material 

The elevator button has two forms of floor number and button integration and separation. Only the floor number and button are discussed here.

The common materials of the button are white on silver, black on silver, black on white and white on black.

Analysis of the identification: on the right side of the figure E, P, b, the black on white, the black on the black and the black on the silver, the text and the background can form a large contrast, easier to identify; but the left picture The white characters on the silver side of the B and O on the side are relatively low in recognition and unsightly in the case of non-frontal viewing; the overall silver shown in S has similar problems.

Response analysis after pressing: After clicking, the button needs to give immediate feedback of “operational success”, and the form of feedback also has a certain relationship with the material of the button. In the form of feedback, the individual believes that the digital feedback is the optimal solution. The process of taking the elevator should be: there is a certain target floor, the floor number is searched, the corresponding number button is operated, the operation is confirmed, and the arrival is confirmed. Floor numbers are a clue throughout.

In the selected example, B, O, and P are all white characters. After pressing, the numbers are lit up. The silver and black bottoms are isolated from light, and the bottom does not change, so attention is focused on the number of operations. And B, O also enhance feedback through the “leakage” process of the outer ring. After the E press, the whole button should be lit. This is also the only possible form of feedback for the black button on the white background. In this case, the most intense change is the change of the background color. The feedback is enough, but it is too overdone. b is the feedback feedback using only “light leakage”. As far as visual inspection is concerned, S is more likely to cause doubts. There is no gap outside the button. It is not like feedback with “light leakage”. The operator can’t get immediate feedback on whether the press is successful can only be judged by whether the elevator moves or not.


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