The elements of selecting an elevator

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So, choose the type of lift is quite simple, since it depends on the actual purpose lift in the projected building. If you want to move only in the vertical load, then you will need a freight elevator. If the goods need to be moved horizontally – you need a transporter. To lift and lower access to patients will need hospital elevator. If the projected residential building or a hotel, buy a passenger lift. Prestige – let it be panoramic (panoramic). And if you want to save space, make the elevator without machine room. This lift will fit with all of its nodes in the mine. Do not forget to take care of people with disabilities by adding a few options to the normal lift. You can also set up a special lift wheelchairs to people with disabilities can without difficulty to visit your store.

passenger elevator

Modern technologies allow to install a lift in a very confined space.But when going down the elevator can stop on the way to the floor, where previously pressed the call button to take a companion. In office buildings, usually mounted lifts with collecting system up and down. Such elevators at all, except in extreme, two floors Ring buttons located one above the other. Passenger who have to go up, to press the top button. Conversely, if down – that the lower part. Thus, if you press the top button and the elevator goes down, the cabin will not stop, because it is not on the way. But on the way back, she is sure you pick. When installing two elevators near, it is better to order a system with job guys. Such a system will distribute lifts on different levels, where they will be expected to call. When you press the call button, you will arrive to the nearest cabin. If the nearest elevator can not arrive on a call (overload, off, etc.), then you will serve another.

In the form of additional options are available, such as an emergency power supply. Such a device does not allow the passenger to remain in the cab and drive to the nearest floor without help, when suddenly the power supply is disconnected. If you want your elevator was quite silent, let him be durable flat belts instead of ropes, as well as rollers instead of nylon inserts, which stall “holds” for guides.

Dispatching communication should be installed in each passenger elevator. In the case of “stuck”, the passenger presses the emergency button in the elevator, the elevator operator associated with it-controller that produces evacuation. It should also be provided and service room in the building that will host the lifter dispatcher.

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