Domestic Elevators Pit: Waterproof and Moisture-Proof Must be Done

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Many people do not know enough about the harm of the bottom of the domestic elevators pit. Even some elevator managers think that as long as the elevator can run, the bottom of the pit accumulate a little water. In fact, the harm of the bottom of the elevator pit is very serious.

Domestic Elevators

  1. Leakage risk. The domestic elevators pit is laid with safety circuit and maintenance circuit. In the case of water in the bottom pit and humidity.It is extremely easy to leak electricity, which will not only cause electric shock to the maintenance personnel of the domestic elevators, but also cause electric shock to the passengers as the elevator is an integral metal structure.
  2. Abnormal operation of the elevator. Due to excessive humidity in the shaft of the domestic elevators after the bottom pit accumulation, the security contact of the door lock of each floor will be corroded. And the safety loop of the bottom pit will be aged, resulting in the failure of normal judgment of the safe operating conditions of the elevators, which may lead to the door opening and the risk of cutting passengers.
  3. The basic safety mechanism is invalid. After the domestic elevators pit water will cause the elevator speed limiter of the pit rust or sliding. And the domestic elevators car in high speed motion compensation at the bottom of the chain will bring the water to the elevator rail, hall doors, car roof and steel wire rope, wire rope once the skid, speed limiter is the last line of the safety measures. Due to the speed limiter tension wheel can not work normally, speed limiter will not start, can cause falling domestic elevators.
  4. Affects elevator service life and comfort. In the bottom pit of long-term water accumulation, excessive humidity will cause severe rust corrosion of the metal structure of the elevator main body. And rust corrosion failure of all metal contact points, resulting in abnormal sound of the elevator, excessive friction. Resulting in the elevator components and whole life shortened.

Therefore, the problem of water accumulation in the elevator bottom pit should be paid enough attention by the maintenance company and the owner. When making the elevator shaft, it should be strictly checked. Only in this way can the service life of the domestic elevators be extended and the safe operation of the domestic elevators be guaranteed.

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