Dog Stair Lift: Ultimate Love for Your Pet

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Many people regard their own pets as “hearts and babies” and love them. But if you compare it with a couple in the UK, it might be a shame. In order not to let their own dachshunds get injured when climbing stairs, the couple actually spent 1,500 pounds to install a dog stair lift in the house for dogs.

According to reports, Sheila and Harry lived in West Yorkshire, England, and raised three long-haired dachshunds. The three dogs are 6 or 7 years old. Before installing the dog stair lift, one of the dogs called “Pippa” was injured in the spine. Sheila and her husband spent 5,000 pounds to perform surgery on it.

Dog Stair Lift

Sheila said that due to her special size and short legs, the dachshund is easily injured when climbing stairs. And her dog usually sleeps with her on the second floor bedroom, so I have to climb the stairs every day. In order not to injure the dog, she and her husband thought of installing a dog stair lift at home for the dog to go up and down the building.

And the three little babies of the Sheila family seem to be quite satisfied with dog stair lift that was specially introduced for them. Sheila said: “Every night, they will happily jump to the dog stair lift, ready to go upstairs to sleep, and then take the dog stair lift downstairs in the morning, it looks very interesting.

Many dogs start to struggle with this kind of activity and it can be painful or uncomfortable for them to move – stairs often become something that elderly, arthritic and overweight dogs can’t use anymore. Arthritis affects 30% of dogs and often starts when dogs are about 7 years old. This can have a massive impact on the way you look after your dog and limit the activities you can do together. This can be saddening for owners and dogs alike, who like to go everywhere together and be at each-others’ side, which is simply not possible anymore.

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