Differences Between Machine Roomless and Machine Room Elevator

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Machine room less home elevatora are relative to the machine room elevators. That is, using modern production technology to equipment room as far as possible while maintaining the original performance under the premise of miniaturization, eliminating the machine room, the original room inside the control cabinet, traction machine, speed limiter to home elevator shaft at the top or shaft side, and cancel the traditional machine room. In order to meet the customer’s special requirements for height and roof.Machine Roomless and Machine Room Elevator

Advantages machine room and machine room elevator

1.The advantage of the home elevator without machine room is that it saves space and can only make a maintenance platform below the main engine.

2.Since the machine room is not needed, it is more beneficial to the construction structure and cost, which enables the architect to have greater flexibility and convenience in design and gives the designer more freedom. Meanwhile, as the machine room is cancelled, the construction cost of the elevator without machine room is lower for the owner than that with machine room elevator.

3.Due to some antique buildings to the particularity of the overall design and the requirement to the roof, must be within the highly effective solve the problem of the elevator, machine room less elevator so very meet the construction needs, and where there is scenic spot, because the machine room in floors high, undermining its local ethnic allopatry, if use machine room less elevator, because do not have to separately set the machine room of the elevator, can effectively reduce the height of the building.

It is inconvenient to set up the elevator room, such as the hotel, the attached building and the skirt building.

Machine room less and machine room elevator comparative shortcomings

1.Noise, vibration and limitations

Machine room less home elevator host placed way nowadays popularity of two kinds: one for the host, placing them on the car roof through guide wheel connecting shaft, whether using the above which way, the influence of the noise is very loud, because the connection rigidity, and noise must be digested in the hole, coupled with the brake voice, the voice of the fan will be magnified. Therefore, the noise aspect, the machine room is obviously larger than the machine room. In addition, the rigid connection of the host machine and the resonance phenomenon are inevitably transmitted to the cage and the guide rail, which has a relatively large impact on the cage and the guide rail. Therefore, the comfort of the domestic elevator without the machine room is obviously weaker than that with the machine room. Due to the influence of these two items, the elevator without machine room is not suitable for high-speed trapezoids above 1.75m/s. In addition, due to the limited of shaft wall support, so the machine room less elevator load should not be commonly more than 1150 kilograms, the excessive load bearing requirements of shaft wall is too high, and we usually reinforced concrete thickness is 200 mm, brick structure is 240 mm, usually are not suitable for carrying too much, so below 1.75 m/s, 1150 kg trapezoidal machine room less alternative room, and large capacity of high-speed elevator, machine room less elevators are obviously better than the room home elevators.

2.Temperature influence

The heat output of domestic elevators are relatively large, at the same time, its various electronic components are relatively poor to withstand high temperature, and now the elevators with machine room and without machine room adopt permanent magnet synchronous gear less traction machine, its permanent magnet synchronous motor temperature should not be too high, otherwise easy to cause “magnetic loss” phenomenon. Therefore, the machine room temperature, exhaust air volume are clearly defined. The main heating parts such as the main engine without machine room are in the shaft. As there is no corresponding cooling and exhaust facilities, the temperature of the elevators without machine room have a relatively large impact on the main engine and control cabinet. In particular, the fully transparent sightseeing elevators are not suitable for the installation without machine room, so the accumulated heat in the elevators cannot be discharged. So, choose this kind of elevator must pay attention.

3.Troubleshooting and personnel rescue

Machine room less home elevator maintenance and management is not as convenient as the machine room elevator. The maintenance and debugging of domestic elevators without machine room is troublesome, because even the best elevators will inevitably fail, while the elevator without machine room is installed on the beam and the main engine is in the well. If the main engine (motor) has problems, it will be troublesome. Therefore, the elevator’s safety window with the machine room can be added without adding, while the machine room must be added for the convenience and security of rescue and maintenance, main-engine maintenance. Therefore, the machine room elevator occupies an absolute advantage in maintenance. If there is space, it is still recommended to use the machine room. In addition, in terms of personnel rescue, domestic elevators without machine rooms are also very troublesome. In case of power failure, emergency power supply must be installed. Generally, emergency power supply of elevators needs to be invested more money.

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