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Other factors cottage Elevator

      In this article we will touch upon other factors in the choice of the lift for the house, not mentioned in previous articles

Manufacturer cottage Elevator

      As you know, Ukraine occupies a leading place in the world brand-savant, behind only China and Japan. So for some owners recognizable brand will be of great value, and when the lift for the house.

      Actually the largest Elevator companies generally don’t have a good offer on the market of cottage building and apartments. Their priorities and the basis of the business model electric lifts for corporate customers. Of course, you can “rest” and to receive an offer from the “big four”, but most likely it will be elevators General, consumer quality and price which will not meet the requirements of the lift for the house.

      In any case, the restriction on the brand lift is quite a logical step for the shopping center and office, but a strong narrowing of the choice of vertical transport for the house. Mainly terraced house elevators – care small specialized companies.

Country of origin of the Elevator

      Ukraine: alas, so far there is no reliable suppliers of lifts for the home. The equipment offered by local businesses, a reliable and proven not true. There is also the case of the supply and installation cottages lifts artisan (not factory) production – there can only wonder at the courage owners who graciously entrusts his life and health mechanisms of unknown origin with inadequate security Asia: in the European part of Ukraine cottage lifts Asian origin while rare, so the comment at the time of writing this article is missing

      America: because of differences in the approach to security in Ukraine, not certified and authorized the use of lift equipment from this part of the world. Basically comes with a simplified construction equipment (lifts). The decision to use such devices is the responsibility of the owner and the supplier of the equipment.

      The EU is the main provider of certified lifts for the home. The main number of cottage lifts comes from Italy. Come Spanish and Greek elevators, across the Turkish lifts under the German brands are often too expensive.

      Eastern Europe: local enterprises, mainly produce the elevators on the basis of components from various manufacturers, mainly in the lower price range with an appropriate level of quality. Serious production here is not yet seen.

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