How is the importance for the elevator maintenance?

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      Elevator maintenance, always known in the industry as the “physical examination” of the elevator.

      How is the elevator standard for maintenance? Why maintenance?

      What is the quality of the maintenance?

      What are the possible consequences of low maintenance?

      If you have time, you might as well compare the same brand of elevator to see how different maintenance and maintenance will affect your service life, and you will know how important the maintenance is.elevator maintenance

A good elevator can live long.

      Elevator maintenance is like the “physical examination” of the human body, after maintenance, while the small fault has not caused a major fault, timely processing. One professional stressed that the elevator was good enough to live long.   

      Recently, we visited two old elevators in the city to visit the maintenance and operation conditions. The first is the residential area, which was installed in the mid 1990s. “Imported brand, rated crew of 15 persons, rated capacity of 1,000 kg. In 2011, I did a major overhaul. The director of the residential property said that the five elevators in the residential area had previously had problems, causing inconvenience to residents.Later, the owner raised more than 100,000 yuan to repair the elevator and ensure the safety of the residents.   

      The second is a star hotel. The hotel’s elevator operates more smoothly than the neighborhood.” In order to prevent people from being disturbed in the elevator, we specially set the machine room in the remote area of the top floor and set up multiple doors, which is not accessible to the general public.” The hotel said that before the elevator was used, two young people were sent to the elevator manufacturer to learn about elevator maintenance. Over the years, these elevators have been assigned to supervise maintenance personnel on site to ensure that maintenance is in place.   

      “The same brand, rated crew, rated load, was installed in the mid-1990s. But by contrast, the hotel’s elevator has a much lower frequency of failures. Professional people say that the maintenance work well done, will effectively reduce the frequency of the elevator failure, to ensure the safety of the passengers.


Elevator maintenance irregularity or “premature failure”

      The special equipment safety act of China stipulates that the maintenance of the elevator shall be carried out by the elevator manufacturing unit or the installation, renovation and repair unit licensed under this law.However, you have taken several elevators in your community or unit one day. Do you have a regular maintenance and maintenance? Do you care?   

      According to the professional, there are two types of elevator maintenance: one is the company that is authorized or commissioned by the elevator factory to carry out the maintenance; Second, the elevator use unit employs the third party maintenance company to carry on the maintenance. According to preliminary statistics, ** all kinds of elevator maintenance companies have ** home.” Due to various factors, some elevators are kept in unstandardized and not in place.” Experts say that there are many reasons for the lack of maintenance. For example, some residential areas have no property, or they do not take over the elevator when the property enters, leading to the lack of clear subject.In order to save money, some properties hire maintenance companies at significantly lower cost than the cost, and the vipers have “form”; In addition, the number of elevator increases rapidly, the professional maintenance personnel gap is larger.Among them, low price maintenance can have the biggest safety hazard. In August 2011, the provincial elevator industry association introduced the self-regulation cost of maintenance — the lowest 3000 yuan. However, some elevator company officials say that a number of companies in order to grab a single, desperate price, the maintenance of the maintenance, the elevator is not old. In addition, from the maintenance of the money, some companies to make money, they have to take “to repair.” In addition, there is a concern – the affiliated maintenance: something is not normal to hire maintenance personnel, affiliated an elevator company, as long as give elevator company money, how much we can pick up live took, this is, of course, it is hard to guarantee the quality of maintenance service.Industry insiders say that some elevator companies are desperate for economic benefits.

elevator maintenance

      “The use unit and the owner should timely supervise and cooperate with the elevator company to do the maintenance work, rather than wait until the failure.

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