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With the development of the economy, people’s living conditions have been continuously improved and cars have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. The commercial car elevator developed by Conai makes full use of the commercial car elevator manufacturing technology for many years and combines the foreign market to develop a series of commercial car elevators. It adopts highly sophisticated variable voltage frequency conversion control technology to accurately control the speed control, avoiding the stress caused by the car. It avoids the load on the traction system caused by the uneven force of the car, which causes noise and car jitter. Maximizing the characteristics of this series. Make the car’s access more secure and reliable.

commercial car elevator

VVVF drive

The special frequency converter adopts vector closed-loop control technology. The intelligent speed control device can automatically generate the optimal speed curve, which makes the elevator more stable during acceleration, deceleration and braking, reducing the running time between layers. In addition, the latest door drive system and closed-loop control system are adopted to improve the smoothness and high sensitivity of the elevator switch door, which makes the car access more free and safe.

Safety guide device

Safety guidance device set in the car ground to ensure the safety of both the elevator and the car.

Front/rear door opening are available

The elevator car is equipped with front and rear doors which is more convenient for the safety aspect and for the cars to entry and exit of the elevator car.

Double control box design

There are two push-button operation boxes in the car, so the driver can operate the elevator without going out of the car.

Special display system

Special circuit control and display system is convenient for the drivers inside/outside the car.

Conai commercial car elevator saves large amounts of space and increase the resale value of buildings. Feel free to contact us!

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