How Do Developers Choose the Right Elevator Manufacturer?

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1. Selection Criteria: excellent cost performance

2. Well-known Brand: We are a well-known elevator manufacturer and top 10 in China. In addition, we have an export capacity of up to 20 years.

3. Technical And Component Configuration. Advanced technology, the current market for the dual 32-bit computer is more advanced. The drive system is controlled by frequency converter or IPM module. VVVF technology. Key parts tractor, door machine and frequency conversion system are best imported from developed countries. The motherboard is best to use the decryption technology, convenient to choose maintenance suppliers in the future, reduce maintenance costs.

4. Price. From the point of view of the cost of material configuration, the difference in residential elevator is not big. But why on the market all sorts of brand price differ even tens of thousands of yuan, first: brand value. The advertisement that each elevator manufacturer invests, publicize wait for cost is shared equally. Second, production and operation costs.

5.Installation And After-Sale Service.The elevator industry has the characteristics of three-point products and seven-point after-sales (installation and maintenance). Selecting elevator manufacturer with branches will provide timely and accurate services for the property and reduce disputes caused by elevators.From the current several big elevator manufacturer, installation quality directly determines the quality of the elevator, but basically all the installation of the elevator manufacturer belong to the nature of the subcontract, so choose a partner is critical, it may consider the point of view of some inconsistencies with the client, but it is the fact.


We provide elevator consultants and one-stop service.Trusted elevator manufacturer in China with over 20 years experience. Feel free to contact us.

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