How to Choose a Dumbwaiter Lift

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5 Tips on Choosing a Dumbwaiter Lift


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  1. Will a dumbwaiter lift work at home?Before choosing dumbwaiter lift, please make sure you can install one at home.Will the dumbwaiter lift cross the floor vertically to the correct landing site? For example, if the dumbwaiter lift is installed in a garage to carry groceries, it must be able to move vertically to the kitchen.

    Are there any obstacles on the floor or on the floor that could prevent dumbwaiter lift from moving up and down the floor directly?

    Examples of obstacles can be toilets, bathtubs, pipe lines, wires and load-bearing floor joists.

    Do you have enough space to build a hoist-way?

    The amount of space required depends on the model, but be sure to make room for the rails, cables and overhead space. Typically, about 4 square feet is required. Due to the interlocking, having different door swings at different landings may increase the size of the lift path.

  2. What is the dumbwaiter being used to lift?
    Determine what the dumbwaiter is lifting. How big and multiple are the items that will enter the dumbwaiter lift? Does it carry a lot of clothing, groceries or other things? A typical car is 20″wx 20″dx 30″h. The weight of a residential dumbbell is typically 100 pounds – 200 pounds. We can help determine the size of car that will work for what the dumbwaiter will be lifting as well as the space that it is going into.
  3. Travel
    Most people can travel to 30 baht, but some can travel to 50 baht. The journey is determined by measuring the underside of the car that reaches the ground at the lowest level of the car at the highest landing. Dumbwaiter lifts are usually installed 36 inches from the ground, which is the “load level” – usually the height of the item. This is also the height of the counter.
  4. Stops times
    Decide how many times the dumbwaiter lift should stop. Most models allow up to three to four stops.
  5. Completion and doors
    • Car finishes: Different finishes and materials. Usually powder coated steel is standard and stainless steel is optional.
    • Cab gate: The importance of maintaining the load while the car is driving in the hoist-way. Available doors are roll top, double-sided and foldable.
    • Landing doors: Not included in the dumbwaiter lift, but the interlock can use a door that matches the home décor.


Conai is a reliable dumbwaiter lift manufacturer in China. We offer design, installation and maintenance service. Feel free to contact us!

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