How To Choose A Good Cargo Elevator

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In recent years, with the development of cities and industrialization, urban land has become more and more precious, and industrial enterprises have to make every effort to use vertical space, so the cargo elevator has become the best choice for industrial enterprises. Material and finished products are easily transported across the floor by cargo elevators. The cargo elevator effectively improves the transportation efficiency while greatly saving the land use cost.

However, corporate users often know very little about elevator knowledge. Many users make wrong decisions at the beginning of the selection process. Because buying a cargo elevator must be used for at least a decade, so you should not choose it casually. Can do more with less. Here are some common cargo elevators and their advantages and disadvantages. At present, there are mainly three types of cargo elevators, which are machine room cargo elevators, roomless cargo elevators, and hydraulic cargo elevators.

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Hydraulic Cargo Elevator

The appearance of the hydraulic freight elevator was earlier than that of the room freight elevator. At that time, the situation was basically that there was no way to be a customer in the  machine room. The hydraulic cargo elevator had to be selected. Although the hydraulic cargo elevator had no machine room on the top floor, it must be next to the well. A machine room, in fact, the hydraulic cargo elevator is also an machine room elevator, but its machine room location is not on the top floor. The advantage of the hydraulic cargo elevator is that the load capacity is large, and the maximum can be 10-20 tons. However, it also has many shortcomings, such as low stroke, generally within 10 meters of height, slow speed, maximum speed of about 0.3 m / s, high energy consumption, motor power is much higher than the traction elevator, accessories can be The selection of suppliers is limited, the cost of accessories is high, and the arrival period is long. Because of the above reasons, hydraulic elevators currently occupy less than 2% of the world.

Room Cargo Elevator

At present, the elevators with the highest market share are room elevators, including room guest elevators and room freight elevators. So why is the room elevator? That is, the machine room elevator technology is mature, the manufacturers are extensive, the accessories are many, the cost performance is the highest, and the maintenance cost is low.

Roomless Cargo Elevator

The roomless cargo elevator appeared for about ten years, mainly with the breakthrough of the machine room technology, resulting in the roomless cargo elevator, then what is the machine room technology? In short, the invention of the gearless traction machine. The gearless traction machine corresponds to the gear traction machine, that is, the machine room cargo elevator. roomless cargo elevators are gradually becoming popular because they do not require a top-level machine room, which effectively saves civil construction costs. In addition, the gearless traction machine has lower power, better operating efficiency, low maintenance rate, safety and efficiency, and is superior to other cargo elevators in terms of use cost and maintenance cost.

So how do we choose the cargo elevator that suits us? The choice is from the aspects of civil construction cost, elevator equipment cost and elevator use cost; from the elevator use cost, the hydraulic elevator should not be selected, and the frequency conversion cargo elevator is adopted. The elevator also needs to choose a regular elevator, especially the cheap second-hand elevator. Combining the above selection points, it is most cost-effective to choose a machine room-less elevator with low civil construction cost, and the frequency conversion control can save the use cost. However, elevators over 5000KG are recommended to use machine room elevators.

The load capacity of freight elevators generally has a load capacity of 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, etc. If these kinds of load capacity can not meet you, you can also customize the non-standard, and the price also needs to be accounted for separately. The speed is divided into 0.5/0.25, etc., and the delivery time is generally about 60 days. Generally, there are three different driving modes: machine room freight elevator, roomless cargo elevator, and hydraulic cargo elevator. The three prices are also different. machine room elevators are common in corporate buildings. They are cheap to build and simple in civil construction. They only need to add a machine room on the top floor. The machine room should stand out from the roof of the existing house. If you don’t want to do this, don’t want it to affect the aesthetics of the building. You can choose a machine room or hydraulic. The maximum load capacity of the machine room freight elevator can only reach 3 tons, and it is technically mature. However, the machine room elevator has high requirements for the top level and the hoistway. The top floor height must be at least 4.3 or 4.5, and the price is slightly higher. . The engine room of the hydraulic elevator is to be built next to the base (1st floor) hoistway. The lifting height is generally recommended to be less than 15 meters. It is suitable for small high-rise buildings or villas. Its top floor height is 3.3 or more (net size), and hydraulic pressure is not With counterweight device and low noise type screw pump, the pump station and motor are designed as submersible structure, which can greatly reduce noise. If your hoist size is small, choose a hydraulic elevator that is most suitable.

Equipment may be faulty, stop using it in time after discovery, and then find professional after-sales maintenance personnel for repair. Safety is more important than Taishan, and respecting life is an attitude towards oneself. Click Here to Get a Quote!

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