Choice of home lift

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This article is for those who wants to buy a lift, but doesn’t know where to start. The choice of home lift, whether passenger or freight elevator is an important and interesting stage of formation of the living environment of a country house or apartment. The purpose of this article is to form a correct selection criteria lifts cottage and talk about the constraints that affect the final result.

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But first find out why buying a home lift. We identify the following reasons Elevator (without claiming completeness):

Reasons cottage Elevator

COMFORT: the comfort of using the Elevator in the house corresponds to the quality of life in seven of the owner

the PRESTIGE: the Elevator in the house as a confirmation of the status of the owner

CARE: the presence in the family of a disabled or elderly relatives

INVESTMENT: cottage – lift attachment, increase the value and attractiveness of the asset (the property) at its sale

whatever the reasons for buying the “home” of lift, to choose an Elevator is not a simple task, especially considering the considerable budget and long service life for passenger and freight Elevator (25 years or more). Error selecting Elevator is expensive, and its result will be always in the limelight. We want using this article, you had the opportunity to avoid such errors.

Factors in the choice of the home lift

the Following important factors directly influence the choice of Elevator:

  • Placing the Elevator in the house
  • Elevator
  • Elevator Trim
  • Price Elevator
  • other factors Elevator

These factors are in random order, each owner puts them in accordance with their own priorities. The mutual influence of these factors is large, and restrictions can even lead to the refusal or inability of the Elevator installation. In any case, it is the object of careful analysis of the future owner of the Elevator.

Useful tips for choosing a home lift

Analyze open source information on the company-provider. The absence of clear information about suspicious

Go to the website of the manufacturer of the lift, read the specifications and finishes

do Not pay attention to advertising – do not let anyone push you to the solution, which may not be optimal

Not worth it “to dwell” on the brand and drive themselves into the narrow framework of choice for bloated budget

do Not compromise on the security of the freight Elevator in this fact a matter of life and death

Dismissing vaguely formed sentences without specifying the full specifications of the manufacturer and country of origin of the Elevator

Take the certificate to the Elevator – it is legal

I Hope that the information presented in this series will help you to form the approach to the choice of lift for homes and get the equipment that best meets your expectations and possibilities.

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