How Does Chained Hydraulic Work for Hydraulic Lift?

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How Does Chained Hydraulic Work for Hydraulic Lift?

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Chain hydraulic drive is used in many commercial and civil wheelchair lifts.The chain hydraulic elevator USES a combination of hydraulic jack and chain to lift the platform.Chain-drive hydraulic wheelchair lifts are much faster than those driven by a spiral, so they are a popular option for applications over 6 feet.

The hydraulic jack is located in the lifting channel between the rails.There are two pulleys on the jack.Two chains link the system together.One end is connected to the platform.The other end is tied to a fixed point at the bottom of the track.The controller and the hydraulic pump are also between the tracks.The elevator requires a shallow pit or short ramp.

The chain hydraulic system USES a pulley to give it a 2:1 ratio of motion.For every 1 foot of movement, the platform moves 2 feet.This is how the device works without digging deep holes for the hydraulic jack.

The chain hydraulic wheelchair lift is considered to be a machine room free;The controller and pump units are located in the lift channel and do not require separate machine room closets.


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