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      Elevator shaft is to install the elevator shaft, shaft size is according to the selection of the elevator, elevator rail and counterweight rail installed on wall, reserved the elevator door installation, was top of the shaft with the elevator machine room.

Elevator Shaft

      The elevator shaft relates to the technical field of construction.The new type is composed of external mold and internal mold and wall bolt. The inner mould is composed of internal template, rotating Angle module, horizontal telescopic top rod group, chassis, chassis support leg, and inner template bottom vertical adjuster group.Both the external and internal templates are combined with a return hook to assemble the composite steel formwork, which is connected by the wall bolt.The utility model which adopts steel and wood, cancel the existing technology of the template using the level of support, horizontal brace and brace, the whole well module can be reused, mechanization to create conditions for the construction of the elevator shaft template.

      The smallest elevator shaft in China is 1250MM wide and 1450MM deep.The well is mainly used in the villa elevator.

      The smallest sightseeing elevator shaft is 1600MM*1600MM, which is a kind of sightseeing elevator, which is used in shopping malls and villas, which may be a little small outside.

The two kinds of elevator shafts can carry 320KG of load and are the smallest elevator shaft at home and abroad, and it is in line with the state’s requirement for the minimum 320KG of manned elevators.


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