Comparative Analysis of Machine Room and Machine Room Less Car Elevators

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In the last article, we mentioned the classification of car elevators. The above is an intuitive difference between the three types. What is the difference in usage? Above three can achieve vertical transportation of the car,, but the speed of the hydraulic car elevators can often only reach 0.3 m / s. Both machine and machine less traction car elevators can reach speeds of up to 0.5 m/s. And their efficiency is twice that of a hydraulic car lift. The available stroke of a hydraulic elevator depends on the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder, while the traction elevator is a wire rope. Since the molecular gap between the liquids is significantly higher than that of the solids, the hydraulic car elevators obviously feel up and down when it stops, and the comfort is obviously lower than that of the traction car elevators.

Let’s talk about the difference in the later use of these three types of car elevators! Due to the slow speed of the hydraulic elevator and the low lifting stroke, most of the occasions choose a more economical and practical traction elevator. The world’s latest elevator statistics show that more than 90% of elevators in the world use traction elevators, so the traction elevators are equipped. Parts are more widely available and affordable, while hydraulic elevators are the opposite. Now the development direction of elevator traction machine is permanent magnet synchronous gearless main engine, which has high operating efficiency, no lubrication, no pollution, easy maintenance, abundant market products, sufficient spare parts supply and simple fault resolution. Hydraulic car elevators have unavoidable oil leakage problems, high energy consumption, high pollution, hydraulic systems are more sophisticated systems, high maintenance requirements, component damage needs to be customized, maintenance replacement cycle is long, difficult, especially in the cold weather. The hydraulic oil will solidify under cold temperatures and the elevator will not operate properly.

Through the above analysis, we basically understand the difference between these three types of car elevators, then let’s talk about how to choose the car elevator that suits you.

  1. Cost-effective: machine room traction car elevator> machine room less car elevator> hydraulic car elevator
  2. Operation Efficiency: machine room traction car elevator = machine room less car elevator > hydraulic car elevator
  3. Occupy Space: machine room less car elevator > hydraulic car elevator > machine room car elevator
  4. Daily Use Cost: machine room less car elevator <machine room car elevator <hydraulic car elevator
  5. Maintenance Cost: machine room car elevator <machine room less car elevator <hydraulic car elevator

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