How Much Does A Car Elevator Cost?

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The price range is quite large, depending on a number of factors. So what factors affect the price of a car elevator?
1.Weight capacity – car elevator start at 6,000 pounds. It can go up to 20,000 pounds. The difference in weight capacity has an effect on the final price.
2.Platform dimensions – platform dimensions can be from 120 square feet. For small cars of 240 square feet. For large cars.
3. Cab wall – the cab wall can be made of glass, painted steel, stainless steel or other materials.
4. Drive systems – hydraulic drive systems and balance weight drive systems have different associated costs.
5. Project location – if your building is in a remote location, you can expect to pay more. Some geographic areas demand higher prices because of the high cost of doing business in those markets.
6. Horizontal servicecar elevator installed in a building can be from two stations to unlimited floors (depending on the drive system). Each floor requires a door, a call station, a controller configuration for each floor and a horizontal system for each floor. There is an extra charge for each additional layer.
7. The height of travel. Usually, the hydraulic automatic elevator can reach up to 40 feet. Each foot of vertical travel comes with an extra charge. For trips over 40 feet, we recommend using a different drive system instead of a hydraulic system.
8. Cab entrance. There are two types of cabs
On/off same side (style 1) or On/off opposite side (style 2)
Style 2 taxis are preferred as drivers always move forward. The second is more expensive, thanks to an extra door in the cab.
9.Elevator door type
single vertical bi- parting
two vertical bi- parting
three vertical bi- parting
swing, slide horizontally

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