Car Elevator Have 2 Major Categories of 3 Types

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At present, there are two types of car elevators available in two categories: machine room car elevators and machine room less car elevators. The three forms are machine room traction car elevators and hydraulic car elevators, collectively referred to as machine room car elevators, and traction machine room less car elevators. As consumers are often confused because they do not know how to choose these three forms, I will make a comprehensive analysis for your reference.

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The most intuitive difference between the three types of machine room traction, hydraulic and room less traction is the question of where to put the machine room. The machine room drags the car elevator machine room above the shaft, which is another layer on the top floor that the car can reach as the machine room. The hydraulic car elevator is to set up a room next to the shaft as the machine room. There is no separate machine room for machine room less car elevator. Then someone will ask, what is the machine room in the end? The independent machine room in which the machine room drives the car elevator is mainly equipped with a gear traction machine and a reduction gear box and a control cabinet. The independent machine room of the hydraulic car elevator mainly houses the hydraulic pump station and the control cabinet. So now someone has to ask, is there a gearless traction machine corresponding to the geared traction machine? Yes, the gearless traction machine has a small enough size and can be placed directly in the shaft because of the different operating principle. Therefore, there is a machine room less car elevator. And the machine less room car elevator adopts a gearless traction machine.

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