Things to Consider Before You Buy Elevator Door Operator

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1.What is the closed loop elevator door operator technique?

Closed loop door controller is a kind of microprocessor, which can control the speed and position of the door precisely at any time. Analog systems are vulnerable to power fluctuations and human drives.

A closed-loop system monitors all these factors and compensates for these changes. Compared with simple mechanical systems, computers can accurately sense the position and speed of the door.

In short, the computer can track the operation and location of the elevator door at any time, making minor changes necessary to reduce the pressure on the operating parts of the elevator door. With lots of gears, connectors, levers, and so on, smooth and rough patches can reduce the number of service calls.

2.Why upgrade to closed loop door operator technology?

Simply improving this part of the elevator door saves hundreds of service calls and thousands of hours of damage.

Since the elevator door operator represents 70 percent of all elevator service calls, even a 50 percent improvement can make a significant difference to the elevator’s utility.


a.Make sure the door is fully open or closed as needed

b.Prevent the door from trying to close a person is passing it

c.prevent doors from repeating

d.allow the door to rotate completely

e.make sure the doors are fully closed while the elevator is running, which is safer

In many buildings, especially new ones, this upgrade has occurred. In many older buildings, especially one with only one elevator, tenants are still getting calls.

It doesn’t take much time to install a closed loop elevator door system, but it can prevent a lot of elevator failures and residents’ frustration. In apartment buildings, it’s a long overdue change that will save a lot of time, money and trouble in the long run.

3.If I decide to completely replace or update my elevator in the future, will I lose my investment?

If you eventually upgrade your elevator operator, you don’t have to worry about losing your investment if you completely replace or renew your elevator. Most elevator door operators are universal, responsible for all brands and styles of elevators.

When you do modernization of the elevator, you can keep the elevator door operator. This will save you from modernizing your elevator, as you won’t need to buy an upgraded version of the new elevator. In the meantime, you’ll get the security and convenience of a new elevator door operator, less service calls and higher reliability.

Look for a elevator door operator that can handle multiple controller types. If you want to use an elevator door operator in the first place, you’ll be looking for a brand and style that is versatile and can last a long time.

4.What is the cost of a new closed elevator door operator?

The reality is that the closed loop operator represents the pinnacle of technology, and it doesn’t look like there will be any improvements in the current style of eclipse for decades to come.

They’re not cheap either. The top design of the line will cost money, but the savings in service invocation and downtime will make up for a lot of the price over time.

They are an important long-term investment that you will be able to sustain in the process of comprehensive modernization.

Use our free elevator door operator fee calculator to estimate the cost of replacing your elevator door operator. Use this price to compare the cost of your non-working hours with what you’ve spent on maintenance and repair over the past five years.


Contact us without obligation, without pressure to review the status of your elevator door operator.

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