5 Reasons for Having to Consider Automobile Elevator

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Inevitably, one of the biggest problems with storage vehicles – whether one or two or a few dozen – is space. Given how much space even a few vehicles can take up, the problem of storing multiple cars quickly becomes complicated. The issue is more complex when discussing large tenant buildings or car dealers, which may require a large number of ramp Settings to allow access to multiple levels.

However, there is a simple solution that can be implemented from a home garage to the largest apartment building: a car elevator. These devices are reasonably priced, reliable, and can greatly improve the spatial efficiency of any size vehicle storage unit.conai car elevator

Five reasons to consider automobile elevator

Maximize parking revenue

Look at how much space a typical two-lane ramp takes up in a large parking facility. This space can be used to store cars and make more profits! Automobile elevator are only slightly larger than individual parking Spaces and can eliminate the need for ramps.

Increase car storage capacity

Safe, easy to turn a garage into a two-car. Or, just use it to add storage space to your garage. When each elevator can comfortably hold 15,000 pounds (or more), that means you can store almost anything in the elevator while still making room for the car below.

Roof parking

A single elevator can help you change the flat roof to an additional parking space. If the roof can hold the weight, the elevator can move the vehicle in place without the need for lots of ramp work and other expensive renovations.

More dealers show options

Want more people to see your car? Use a car elevator to move some to level 2 or 3. They can still be sold and are a perfect display to see from afar.

Raise the value of the building

Reliable automobile elevator can significantly increase the resale value of an apartment or other property. They are a major selling point, especially for buyers looking to maximise profits.


Turn to the Conai automobile elevator to improve your vehicle storage

Automobile elevators at Conai are very reliable, capable of carrying large weights and can be customized to accommodate vehicles of any size. With all the latest security features, they are an excellent investment.

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