Accommodation Home Elevators

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Accommodation Home Elevators

In this article we will explain how the architectural environment affects the choice of lift. Below we consider the main cases of cottage Elevator at different stages of decision making about the purchase of Elevator

Accommodation Home Elevators

Case 1. The house is designed

If your house is in a stage of the project is more logical to make the Elevator in the project in advance. At the early stages of design should not be tormented by the agony of the choice of a particular lift, enough to leave a “stain” is space enough to install most standard models of elevators. The size of the “spot” in the plan may include:

the home Elevators at 2-3 stops: Width 1500 * 1700mm Depth

the home Elevators 4-5 stops: Width 1600 * 1800mm Depth

the calculation is made on the premise that higher house requires lift large sizes. Also will add that to design Elevator reasonable inside the house, not outside (this issue is discussed below).

the upper space of the home Elevators shaft (when the bevel or uneven roof height to the bottom of the speaker element overlap home Elevators shaft) – not less than 2600 mm (measurement is taken from the clean floor of the upper stop or from the projected level of the finished floor). The pit in the home Elevators shaft (the space in the mine elevators clean floor below the bottom stop) – at least 200-220mm.

Case 2. Ready space for home Elevators

If the house is built with enough room for an Elevator, or goes deep reconstruction of previously constructed object, then you can also solve the issue of Elevator installation with more or less success. The choice of the lift is among the appropriate size models. Preference is given to standard models of elevators, as their price is more attractive.

Case 3. Finished house without a place to lift

more Complicated, if the house is ready, and passenger or grusovoi Elevator in the house was not provided. It’s sad, but maybe with the help of a competent designer will be able to find a place for mine a small Elevator. In such cases most often it comes to custom sizes elevators, and in such cases you should immediately attract the representative Elevator organization to optimize project – may be it’s not so bad. Below is the approximate dimensions for understanding the issue:

the Minimum size standard of Elevator shafts: 1000 x 1000mm;

the Minimum amount of space where you can install a small cottage Elevator of individual performance: approximately 800 x 900mm. The cabin of lift can even be passable!

What you can get at such a scale? Quite utilitarian lifting device with cabin for 1-2 people, doorway 550/ 600/ 650mm and a small speed – and it is in the best case. The budget of this Elevator may exceed the cost of similar (lifting height) standard lift large sizes. Not looking for a trick – individual performance is always more expensive!

Case 4. Attached (external) Elevator

What to do if the house is to place the Elevator? Optionally, you can install it outside the house – such lifts are called “ladders”. The problem size limits does not worth it, but be aware that the total cost for installation of lift in our climatic zone are considerably higher than costs for its installation inside the building. Factors appreciation:

project lift installation is performed by a qualified technician or project organization

the Foundation external (attached) Elevator shafts

the foreign Elevator shaft having a drainage and insulation

the device and the strengthening of the door openings in the wall of the existing building

As you have probably realized, this is the most expensive case of all mentioned in this article. Note that with this setting the appearance of the house can vary considerably, so it is best to simulate the appearance of the facade with an extension of the Elevator shaft in advance on the computer.

Case 5. Inclined ladder lift

This case, when you fail to install the Elevator neither inside the house nor outside, but there is an urgent need for a lifting device. If you have stairs, you can try to install an inclined ladder lift. It’s slow and safe device moves along the guide along the stair cloth, repeating his elbows. A stair lift is in the form of a platform (in a wheelchair) or in a chair. As the platform it’s foldable, at the lowest point of the trajectory is pressed to the wall and not take up much space and does not interfere with the passage. Of course, it’s not the Elevator – there is almost nothing to choose from finishes and options, all utilitarian.

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